EOS Seed List

This list is updated regularly and shows nodes that have been online at some point in the past 6 hours. For a block of peers that you can copy paste directly into your config.ini, click here.

Vote for us on EOS as a Block Producer - we're running as privexinceos

Rent Dedicated and Virtual Servers at privex.io

HostnamePortOwnerLast Seen
bp.cryptolions.io 9876 Cryptolions
br.eosrio.io 9876 EOS Rio
fn001.eossv.org 443 EOS Silicon Valley
api-full1.eoseoul.io 9876 EOSeoul
api-full2.eoseoul.io 9876 EOSeoul
fullnode.eoslaomao.com 443 EosLaoMao
eos-seed-de.privex.io 9876 Privex EOS
eu1.eosdac.io 49876 eosDAC

Quickstart for nodes:

git clone https://github.com/EOS-Mainnet/eos -b mainnet-
cd eos
git submodule update --init --recursive
./eosio_build.sh -s EOS
# the above command may take a while. go grab a coffee or something
# once you've built successfully
cd build
make install
cd ~
wget https://eosnodes.privex.io/static/genesis.json
nodeos --genesis-json genesis.json
# press ctrl-c once it's loaded the genesis to exit nodeos

nano ~/.local/share/eosio/nodeos/config/config.ini
# place some p2p nodes in here, you can get them in config format from the link at the top of this page

# now start it for real


# if you get something like "failed to initialize", clear your blocks/state and re-run against genesis

rm ~/.local/share/eosio/nodeos/data/blocks/* -r
rm ~/.local/share/eosio/nodeos/data/state/* -r

nodeos --genesis-json genesis.json

# this is just a quickstart guide, you should understand how to run this in the background etc. and how to configure it

# now to grab your account, use eosauthority.com and put in your ICO eth address to find your generated name
# once you have that, you can import your key and register your account like this:

cleos wallet create
# write down the password somewhere safe

cleos unlock

cleos import YOUR_EOS_PRIVKEY

cleos system newaccount --stake-net "0.1000 EOS" --stake-cpu "0.1000 EOS" --buy-ram-kbytes 8 YOURGENERATEDNAME THE_NAME_YOU_WANT NEW_PUBKEY

Genesis File (put in genesis.json and launch nodeos with --genesis-json genesis.json)

  "initial_timestamp": "2018-06-08T08:08:08.888",
  "initial_key": "EOS7EarnUhcyYqmdnPon8rm7mBCTnBoot6o7fE2WzjvEX2TdggbL3",
  "initial_configuration": {
    "max_block_net_usage": 1048576,
    "target_block_net_usage_pct": 1000,
    "max_transaction_net_usage": 524288,
    "base_per_transaction_net_usage": 12,
    "net_usage_leeway": 500,
    "context_free_discount_net_usage_num": 20,
    "context_free_discount_net_usage_den": 100,
    "max_block_cpu_usage": 200000,
    "target_block_cpu_usage_pct": 1000,
    "max_transaction_cpu_usage": 150000,
    "min_transaction_cpu_usage": 100,
    "max_transaction_lifetime": 3600,
    "deferred_trx_expiration_window": 600,
    "max_transaction_delay": 3888000,
    "max_inline_action_size": 4096,
    "max_inline_action_depth": 4,
    "max_authority_depth": 6